ACTIVITIES BOOK - Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door™ Activities Book

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Brand: Music With A Smile Productions, LLC

Music Activity Guide with Coloring Pages and Handouts for Preschoolers and Early Elementary Ages

Who doesn’t like to color, draw, figure out puzzles, find their way through a maze, locate hidden objects or decode a secret message?!? The Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door™ ACTIVITIES BOOK” is filled with these fun things to do – and more!

The “and more!” comes when these 90 activities are connected with the songs on the award-winning children's CD, Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door™". (CD and Digital Downloads sold separately.)

This ACTIVITIES BOOK can be used as a student workbook for the “Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door TM LEARNING GUIDE,” or simply as a book filled with fun activities that just happen to tie in with some happy songs by children’s musician, Janie Next Door®. It makes a great gift for preschoolers and early elementary ages.

Made in the USA

ISBN: 978-0-9701426-0-3

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