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Brand: Music With A Smile Productions, LLC

Winner of multiple awards, Janie’s debut CD is fun for all ages!

If CD’s were assigned a color, "Come Sing Along with JANIE NEXT DOOR™" would be bright yellow. These 18 original, bouncy songs will stick in your head, and you won’t want them to leave. Whether you are singing along in the car, or marching, dancing and clapping along at home or in the classroom, this CD goes anywhere and everywhere children are having a great time – with some learning thrown in for good measure.

Sing along with songs like "I've Got New Shoes," "Can I Go Out and Play?," "I've Got a Loose Tooth in My Head," and "Lunchbox, Lunchbox". There are songs for marching and skipping, and there are songs like"Jump Out 'O Bed," and "The Clap and Stop Game" that have fun actions guaranteed to get children up and moving to the music.

And for an extra bonus, kids are introduced to an instrument they don’t hear very often: the accordion. Janie (musician/singer/songwriter JANE CHRISTISON) soars while showcasing its versatility - the accordion is not just for weddings and polkas anymore!

INCLUDES: A lyrics booklet of all the songs included so you can sing along too!

LISTEN TO A SAMPLE: If you’d like to listen to samples of these songs, click here to listen to the digital download version on Amazon.

Purchase the Digital CD version from iTunes or Amazon.

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