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Music With A Smile® ~ Accordion & Vocals

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What is Music With A Smile?

Accordionist and singer Jane Christison is known for her trademarked Music With A Smile®.  Her performances are guaranteed to be filled with personality, and Jane’s enthusiasm for playing the accordion shines through!

She’s available for events at a variety of venues like retirement communities, festivals, nursing homes, memory care facilities, corporate events, seniors groups, parties, and other events.

Bring the joy and fun of live music to your next themed party, event or celebration by calling Music With A Smile®!


Katie Rhodes

The residents really respond to Jane’s music and personality. A resident told me that “Jane’s music is like sunshine”.

Katie Rhodes, Activities Director
Kansas City, Missouri

Amanda Noland

The music was wonderful! So many of our residents made comments to me about how much they enjoyed the music and how Jane just smiled through the whole performance. It was excellent!

Amanda Noland, Activities Director
St. Joseph, Missouri

Jamie Ellis

Jane’s program was unique and entertaining.

Jamie Ellis, Activities Director
Olathe, Kansas

Tina Shelite

Jane is a wonderful performer.  She has a beautiful voice, a lovely smile, and our residents love her. She does a fantastic job encouraging them to join her.  We really enjoy her!

Tina Shelite, Director of Activities
Leawood, Kansas

Emily Hagen

She is always smiling and you can see that she really enjoys what she does.

Emily Hagen, Activities Director
Overland Park, Kansas

Ginette Ritter

Jane is professional yet brings such a ray of sunshine & energy perfect for our community. The residents sing along, tap their feet & clap their hands. She has a wonderful way of bringing the residents out of their shell.

Ginette Ritter, Activities Director
Raytown, Missouri

Elana Wagner

Jane is a very interactive and energetic performer . . . The residents love her!

Elana Wagner, Activities Manager
Lee's Summit, Missouri

Abbie Grooms

The residents loved Jane’s energy, music, and personality.  The performance was great.

Abbie Grooms, Director of Lifestyles
Leawood, Kansas

Marielle Scarborough

This is the most excited my residents have ever been about a performance. We will definitely have her back!

Marielle Scarborough, Enrichment Coordinator
St. Joseph, Missouri

Cathy Slavik

Jane’s performances are always high energy. Her variety of tunes reaches all the residents for it taps into long-term memory-evoking verbal and non-verbal responses, movements and sparks conversation that continues after the program.  Enhancing her program would be difficult for we already like all she does.

Cathy Slavik, CTRS, Recreational Therapist
Lenexa, Kansas

Jackie Kamin

Jane is delightful . . . Her smile is contagious.

Jackie Kamin, Apartments Concierge
Kansas City, Missouri

Diane Crnkovich

The residents enjoyed Jane’s performance very much.  They tell me “She makes us feel young, brings back memories and puts a smile on our faces.

Diane Crnkovich, Activities Director
Overland Park, Kansas

Bev Lentz

Jane is personality plus. She knows what folks enjoy and does her best at every performance to deliver. Folks were still talking about the performance a week later.

Bev Lentz, Activities Director
Kansas City, Missouri

What she does...and how she can help you!

Workshops & masterclasses

Her Workshops & Masterclasses offer how-tos for performing,  tips and lessons learned as a musician and business person, ideas for marketing your music, and more.

Book her for accordion festivals, competitions, accordion club meetings, and other events!

See types of Workshops & Masterclasses here.


Jane has fun wearing costumes and playing music for theme parties, open house events, conventions, and other celebrations. Singing and playing the accordion, she brings smiles and fun to every musical performance. Her performances will get you singing, dancing, tapping toes and clapping along.

From small private parties to large festivals, she offers musical programs and entertainment for young and old.

Here's a sample...

  • Themed Events: Holidays, open house events, birthdays, and other celebrations!
  • Types of Music: Standards, Sing-Along Songs, Polkas, Musicals, Patriotic Songs, Christmas music and more!
  • International Music: French, German, Italian, Irish, Hungarian, Latin American, Mexican, Russian
  • A variety of venues: Retirement communities and nursing homes, libraries, offices, local festivals, schools, corporate events, tradeshows, and many more.

View the full musical repertoire here.

To book Jane, get your questions answered, or to get more information, contact Jane here!

Listen to a sample! 

"I Love Playing Accordion" from Jane Christison's album,"Come Sing Along with Janie Next Door™"